One of my most asked questions over the last 2 weeks whilst taking part in Bucks Art Weeks in Georgia Elliott’s fab studio, was about sustainability. What does it actually mean? How do I make my pieces as sustainable as possible?


Now I do have a sustainability page on my site (see here), but I thought I would write a blog post giving you a bit more info in to all areas of production and creation to make sure that I am as transparent as possible so...

Reclaimed yarn
Reclaimed Yarn is at the heart of all the pieces that I create… but what is it… in short, it is yarn that has been reclaimed, at the end of factory production lines, when there isn't enough left to do a full run of production, the left over cones are sent to a reclaimers for processing. It means that colours can be limited, the yarn can be classed as ‘substandard’, so it can be a little more difficult to work with, and you cannot always guarantee availability, or that you can buy the same yarn again.

Donated yarn
Donated yarn is yarn that otherwise would be thrown away, this is generally from small production studios or even individuals, the reasons for wanting to part with yarn has varied from, I don't have enough space, I don't use it, I have a new machine and this yarn won't work with it... I am always happy to give yarn a new home to save it from landfill. And if you have yarn that you no longer need, pop me an email ( to see if it would be suitable.

Now the next question is normally... What about your fabrics?

Tufting fabric
Well, when it comes to the main fabric for tufting, I have tried many, and found that there is only one specialist fabric that gives great results. Because of this, I am unable at the moment to look to improve the sustainability of this part of the process by looking for reclaimed fabrics.

Backing fabric
Dependant on the piece, I use a specialist secondary backing (normally for rugs for additional durability) and then a thick felt on all wall hangings and rugs, to make each piece look neat and tidy. But it doesn’t end there, the use of felt allows the piece to be protected when walked on without damaging floors and is also kind to walls and other surfaces. The felt I am using at the moment does not have specific eco-friendly credentials as I haven’t yet been able to find an eco-friendly felt that is durable enough (if you have any recommendations then please let me know here).

Cushion Lining

The lining for the first collection of cushions does not have specific eco-friendly credentials as I haven’t yet been able to find a suitable eco-friendly lining (suitable colours, weight etc), that I would like for the pieces that I am making. So far, all of the lining research has been carried out online due to restrictions in place at the time of purchase, so if you have any recommendations then please let me know here.

Cushion backing

When it comes to the backing for the cushions, I was lucky enough to have a store of upholstery offcuts with enough to get me started. Unfortunately my supply ran out pretty quickly and my previous contact didn’t have any more available, so I bought in some eco friendly cotton, made from 100% recycled cloths, with fibres collected together by colour, so no need to bleach or dye it either. I love this beautiful cotton, it is durable and beautiful and the perfect finish to these pretty pieces.

Photography and styling by Luma Content

Photography and styling by Luma Content


Ensuring that my pieces are as eco-conscious as possible, doesn’t just cover the materials that I use, but also the longevity of the pieces too. I try to ensure that my designs are as timeless as possible, rather than responding to ‘fast fashion’ style trends, these pieces are lovingly hand crafted and hand finished so that they are not only long lasting physically, but the designs and finished products will be a proud addition to your interior style for many years to come.

I also provide care instructions with every purchase to ensure that your piece lasts as long as possible. If slips, trips and spills do happen, please get in touch and I will endeavour to work with you to salvage your piece where possible.

Photography and styling by Luma Content

Photography and styling by Luma Content


Last but not least, packaging, I endeavour to make my packaging plastic free wherever possible, reusable where practical and of course, beautiful. All pieces are wrapped in a mixture of card and brown paper, with a few finishing touches that can be reused. The idea is that all items can be recycled and reused whilst protecting your pieces on their journey to your door.

I hope that gives you a little more insight in to the ethos behind the brand and the care and attention that goes in to each piece and each part of production.

Have you got any more questions, is there a topic that you would love to see appear in the next blog? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

Hannah x

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