Wow, what a 5 days it has been, I have learnt so much and gained so much perspective being a part of #PLANUARY. so thank you Untld Project this has all come about at the perfect time.

We moved just before Christmas and there is lots to do with the house, I don’t have a dedicated workspace yet (not something that we foresaw being an issue, thanks hidden damp walls)! I am also still working towards getting my homewares brand off the ground and am hoping to do this in the first quarter of this year. I am also still undertaking consultancy work… which as with most roles where you have taken a break over Christmas, it is pretty bloomin’ busy at this time of year.

#PLANUARY has helped me to be more proactive rather than reactive, take a step back and look at everything so that I can work smarter, not harder. I had a few things in place, but with all the fun external influences and trying to navigate running a business from somewhere new… #PLANUARY has helped me to incorporate all elements of my business rather than dealing with one element at a time.

My ACTIONS will be to incorporate my INTENTIONS in to my STRATEGY and PLANNING for the year… so, stay tuned to see what that looks like… and sign up to my newsletter to come along for the ride.

Thanks for sticking with my ‘journal’esque blog entries for this week, it has been quite cathartic, but I have loved sharing it with you all!

See you back here soon,

Hannah x

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