Well… hey there, this week I am taking part in #PLANUARY! That’s right, the fab people at Untld Project have come up with this gem and I am VERY MUCH up for joining in… so, grab a cuppa and come along for the ride.

The first prompt is REFLECTION and I started reflecting over last year… it started to look like a novel, so I wrote a shorter blog… but that still didn’t seem right, so I looked back over the reflecting I did during last year, first in early June 2020 for Prism Textiles here and again here at the end of July here

This was the very beginning of my exploration in to homewares… I am a cautious person by nature, but last year helped me to accept that I really wasn’t in control of a lot in grand scheme of things, this helped to trigger something inside my brain that allowed me to give myself time to explore what I really loved creatively, rather than thinking about the financial and wider cost implications of what I was creating and exploring. 

I have been so amazed at how much giving myself the gift of time and space have helped me to improve and progress my work, my art and my business. 

I made a heck of a start, but when I hit stumbling blocks with how to move it all forward, I was confident enough to invest in myself for the next steps with an Indie Biz Hotline call with the Untld Project, helping me to further clarify in my mind what steps I needed to take would be… as well as an extra boost of confidence in what I was producing and creating. 

I have since invested in myself and my business with expertise, financially and also with time and space. Including taking the scary step to shut down the print and cards side of my business, this 100% gave me the clarity to be able to give my full attention to the homewares launch, but felt like a huge step at the time.

These cushions were the catalyst for change, the development time was HUGE to get these right, but it was the start of the new homewares collection. In normal times I would always have been working towards a show, an exhibition…  everything would have been 100 miles an hour… but last year that wasn’t possible, and the more I took a step back, the more I learnt about myself, my work and my skillset, the more me and my brand transformed… in to something that I am immensely proud of and cannot wait to share with you all.

Head back to the blog tomorrow for more #PLANUARY

Hannah x

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