That’s right, this is my second blog of the day… anyway, welcome to the penultimate day of #PLANUARY by the Untld Project ! Today is all about STRATEGY… and if you read yesterdays post (if you haven’t, why not click here to read it now), the (very basic) tips for simplifying your planning will help too! I started off writing a business advice article all about strategy and planning… and then realised, that you are NOT here for that! So I will leave it to Nerrisa and her fab IGTV video from today (watch here), to give you all the businessy info you need!

In short, my original strategy blog was all about working smarter, not harder (great example, writing 2 blogs!!).

I used to work in Marketing (I still do to an extent), and once a marketeer, always a marketeer… I just cannot switch it off… but a huge ramble about product marketing and strategic development is not what you guys are after (or are you… let me know). So I am going to keep it all things Hannah Heys Textiles and share my Strategy and how I work…

So, I have said before about my goal of launching my homewares collection in the first quarter of 2021… I am working through all of the elements that are associated with that one by one so as not to get overwhelmed by the huge task ahead of me. I am also using time blocking to ensure that I can focus on each individual task rather than the mountains of work ahead of me to get this beautiful brand to launch.

I do the same when I am working on labour intensive pieces, I take the overarching goal, whether that is multiple pieces or a huge amount of designs and break them down to streamline all processes, so that I can focus on each stage and perfect it, rather than jumping from one task to the other (most of the time).


With being a business of one, it is important to celebrate the small wins and achievements not only to avoid overwhelm, but to help you get in to the habit of working smarter not harder.

So there you have it, a much less boring looking blog, with real world examples and a lot less textbook jargon, high fives to me.

I will see you tomorrow for the final day of #PLANUARY

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